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----Anthony Bourdain

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mile High Campground

This was kind of a "spur of the moment" camping weekend.  With it being Memorial Day Weekend, we were lucky to find a site at any campground. The reservation was made on the Monday before Memorial Day.  This was a 2 hour drive through the mountains for us, but the view made it all worth it.
Mile High is located on the Cherokee Reservation near Cherokee, NC.  It is a "primitive" campground, meaning there is no electricity or water at the sites.  There are flushable toilets located in the middle of each loop (there are 3 different loops), as well as a rustic bathhouse complete with warm showers.  At each of the toilet areas, there is also a large sink to wash dishes.
The sites are well-spaced out, and most of them have quite a view.  This view is from one of the campsites at the end of a loop:
The sites are gravel, and some are on a slight slope.  Firepits are provided; you are not allowed to bring in your own firewood but can purchase it at the office to be delivered to your site.  
Dogs are allowed, but be mindful that there are elk that wander through the campground from time to time.

There are also cabins available.  These cabins are extremely rustic; they only have board beds in them.  
This campground was extremely quiet and peaceful.  Since the campground is truly a mile high, it was much cooler there.  Be prepared for the wind and the cool weather.
This was our first trip to a primitive campground for more than 1 night in our Cargolite.  Since we anticipated needing to use the propane heater, Robert made sure the battery was fully charged.  The refrigerator (which is very small) also runs on propane.  Both of those used very little power, so we could have stayed for several days without the danger of running out of power.  
The only problem we had was taking the wrong road up to the campground when we arrived.  The website ( clearly warns people to follow their directions.  The "rough road" was rough...much rougher than the road we should have taken, but we made it okay.
This is a campground that we would visit again, especially if the 2 campgrounds we passed on the way are full.


  1. Beautiful view,..and I love your camper!

  2. Wow! What beautiful views from your campsite. Congrats on the new blog. I look forward to reading more of your campground reviews.

  3. How amazing! We do a lot of camping in NC and SC and will do Mile High this summer. We have a spot at the end of the loop and I think it is this one. I can't wait!! We've done a lot of coastal/inland camping. Here are some of our trips on Flickr:

    1. Thanks! The people who were at the end of the loop said that it was extremely windy, so be prepared!

  4. What was your site#? Do you recommend a site that offers good views? Thanks!


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