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----Anthony Bourdain

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Harvest Hosts: Grain Bin Commodities in Sweetwater, TN

I bought a Harvest Hosts membership in April during National Parks Month for $20 off of the original price. I thought we'd try it out and see if we would use it enough to make it worth the money. We wanted to try it out at a couple of places near our home before we hit the road and need to use it. We chose our anniversary weekend to spend the night on a farm and a vineyard about an hour away.

Friday night was spent at Grain Bin Commodities. This unique farm has a bakery right in the middle of it. Craig met us as we pulled in and showed us around the bakery while telling us the story of how they got started. He led us to some options to stay and was extremely accommodating. We were able to finally sleep with the back doors open to enjoy the fresh country air and late spring breezes.
Entrance to Grain Bin Commodities. There is a little dip just as you go in so if you have a bigger rig you may scrape.
The camping spots are just beyond the field. There were several flat ones to choose from.
We were at the bakery just before 9:00 the next morning to buy goodies for breakfast, as well as some to take with us. 
They have an event barn for private events.
We enjoyed our breakfast on the patio.
The views were gorgeous.

How relaxing would this be to sit here with coffee and a book, just watching the world go by!
The outdoor fireplace would be perfect for cool fall nights.
Callie & Craig paid close attention to every detail on the grounds.
And even in the bathrooms!
We had no trouble spending the requested $20. It was hard to choose what to buy.

But we did make a choice:

Night one of our Harvest Hosts weekend was a hit.  Maeve Anne continues to perform just as she should.

Stay tuned for our second night...
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