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----Anthony Bourdain

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mt. Pisgah Campground, NC

Mt. Pisgah Campground is 20 miles southwest of Asheville, NC. It is located on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The views from the Restaurant and Inn (just across the road from the campground) are breathtaking.

The restaurant is a bit pricey, unless you get a take-out sandwich from the gift shop area.  There is also a store with very minimal supplies next to the restaurant and inn. 

There is no electricity or water at the sites, although there are flushing toilets and a hot shower available. The modern bath house boasts toilets with dual flush. There is only 1 shower per bath house, so you may have a wait for the shower.
 The actual sites have plenty of space, although the paved space for the camper and the car are a bit tight. Each site has a fire pit, picnic table, and lantern holder.

The tent sites include a bear box to discourage the bears from getting into your food.
On Saturday nights, educational programs are available at the Campfire Circle.

The campground is open from 08 May through 01 November. Pets are allowed, although there are signs indicating that coyotes are active in the area. There is also a threat of bears & raccoons, so if you take your pet with you, keep this in mind.

There are hiking trails to be explored that are accessible at the campsite. indicates that a trail leading to the summit of  Mt. Pisgah starts at the campground and climbs for nearly two miles to an observation deck. 
The campground was gorgeous with the leaves changing. There are a lot of rhododendron on the property, so I would think the spring would also be a beautiful time to visit.

 We only stayed one night, but this would be a place where we would return for a weekend, or a long weekend. With an elevation of almost 5000 feet, this would be a perfect place to camp during the summer to escape the heat.


  1. Love the name of your blog!
    You write about a gorgeous part of the country. We were fortunate to get to visit that area over Thanksgiving break.

  2. Mary, I happened upon this post and it brought some wonderful memories. Years ago when our children were quite small we spent a night in Mount Pisgah. We arrived at almost dusk and left early the next morning, so didn't have time to explore but our short time there, camped among the huge rhododendrons and the breathtaking view across the road, was so memorable. We were on our way to Glorieta Baptist Encampment for Music Week. Camping in our little pop-up gave us many opportunities to see parts of this beautiful country we might not have had otherwise. Thanks for sharing this special spot of God's wonderful world.


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