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----Anthony Bourdain

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Knights Key, Florida

2017 Update: Our beloved Knights Key is no more, due to a developer buying the land with plans to put up condos. If anyone knows of a campground in The Keys that you can actually reserve a spot, please contact us!
Between Christmas and New Year's, we have spent the last 3 years in The Keys. We found a very nice private campground in the Mid-Keys, right before you go over the 7 Mile Bridge: Knights Key. It's close enough to Marathon that you can ride a bicycle to just about anywhere you want to go. It's close to restaurants, shops, and convenience stores, but you would probably want to drive to a grocery store.
Compared to other private campgrounds in The Keys, the sites are decent size. The following is a picture of the site that we've had all 3 years. Our next door neighbors drove their camper to the beach for the day, so the picnic table you see in is theirs.
The views from the campsites on the water are beautiful:
There are some sites that come with a place for your boat:

All sites have water & electricity, but no hookups. They do offer a service that will come and take care of your toilet needs for $10 each time. The only exception is the tent area, which is really just a big field:
The campground has spacious, clean bathrooms.
 There are laundry facilities onsite that take credit cards. There are 4 washing machines, and 6 dryers. 
There is a restaurant in the campground that serves everything from fish to lasagna to sandwiches. They also serve breakfast. Customers can eat inside, or at one of the many outside tables in the shade. the food is excellent, but have cash on hand...the restaurant doesn't take credit/debit cards. There  this also a "Tiki Bar", but be aware that it does not have a liquor license so only beer, wine, and what I call "over the counter drinks" (drinks you can get at the grocery store) are served. It also doesn't take credit cards.  (The website indicates that the restaurant and Tiki Bar are only open December-March.)
If you are there for an extended time, the campground has a book club that meets, as well as other activities.
Everyone at the campground is extremely friendly, which is one of the reasons we keep going back. They have a wonderful New Year's Eve party, complete with a pot luck, DJ, and dancing. The party is at the Tiki Bar, which is where everyone gravitates at sunset to view the end of the day with the 7 Mile Bridge in the background.
If you're looking for a campground in The Keys, this is definitely the place to be. To visit their website, view rates, and make reservations, click here.

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