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----Anthony Bourdain

Thursday, April 11, 2024

The Great West Trip Part 8

As I mentioned at the end of the last post, I wasn't quite ready to leave Colorado yet. There were two places that Robert wanted to show me and only 1 of them was a bit out of the way. 
Como, Colorado
Como is not quite a ghost town but there are only around 200 people living there. Its heyday was during the Gold Boom when it became a railroad town. There is little left in this town. It made me a little sad that this once-thriving town is so run down.
Once a Catholic Church, the white building in the background is a privately owned residence.
Street in Como
Railroad Crossing in Como
View of the train depot (R) and the Historic Como Hotel (L)
We started up the road through Boreas Pass (which goes to Breckinridge). Robert said he thought there was a campground there but we had no guarantees there would be a spot. After about a half mile of "washboardy" road, we decided to head back through town and go to the next place he wanted me to see.
Every conversation we had about Colorado included Tarryall Reservoir. Robert hoped we would be able to camp in the same spot he and some friends camped but things changed over the years. No camping is allowed right on the reservoir anymore. A quick look at an app gave us some BLM options. The first place we pulled into was...interesting. There were steep hills in the road and Robert questioned whether or not we could get over them. Robert said these hills are to keep the road from eroding. So we tried. After the first one, we decided we shouldn't try anymore, but we were kind of stuck since there was no place to turn around. A very nice couple who appeared to be around our age came by in an ATV and offered to help. The 2nd bump we went over was in, Maeve no longer had 4 wheels on the ground. It made me extremely nervous that something in the undercarriage was going to break. Robert worked his magic and managed to get over it. There was a turn-around shortly after that so we were able to turn around and head back down the hill. It was much easier going down than it was going up. The couple told us about the place where they were camping and suggested we try there. It was just down the road a couple of miles. We never did find them, but we had an okay site for the night. We were only staying one night so it was more important that we felt we were in a safe spot. I didn't take pictures of it since it was pretty non-descriptive. No amazing views, just us out in a field. We did, however, pass the Historic Tarryall School:
Tarryall School is a one-room schoolhouse that served the area from 1921-1949. There is also a "teacherage".
We're not done with Colorado just yet! Still traveling west, we needed another "rest day" before leaving Colorado and heading home. I found a Colorado State Park on the way and we were able to reserve a spot by going to the Visitor Center in Mueller State Park
When we drove into the park, we noticed right away how nice the roads were. This was the first state park we've been to where you have to buy day passes when you camp. That explains the nice well-kept roads! All of the sites are pull-through and are flat. 
After securing our spot, we went into "town". Divide, Colorado consists of just a few businesses. There is a grocery store where basic supplies can be purchased. We decided to eat at the restaurant right beside the grocery store. 
I didn't realize what kind of restaurant it was until we sat down and looked at the menu. Then I looked up at the wall. 
As I look back, how fitting is it that our Irish adventure started our search for a camper van? And here we were, in Divide, Colorado, eating at an Irish restaurant!
We spent our "rest day" doing laundry and just resting. We were both extremely disappointed with the pay showers. There was no way to adjust the heat (and the water was way too cold!). When my time ran out, I hadn't rinsed the soap off (thank goodness my hair was washed & rinsed!) so I put a couple more quarters in. At previous pay showers, we were able to put a quarter or 2 in and it would give us more minutes. Nope, not here. You had to put in the whole beginning amount, and I didn't have enough. I don't remember what the initial cost was but it seemed like it was more than it should have been. We did laundry one last time. The facilities are in need of upgrading their machines but the money goes to a good cause, I just don't remember the organization that benefits from them. 
Vault toilets are available throughout the campground but the shower facilities (and flush toilets) required a short drive. There are numerous trash receptacles throughout the campground; of course, they are bear-proof.
The views from the campground were well worth the disappointments:
Since we rested on our full day there, we didn't take advantage of all that the park has to offer. There are a lot of trails and wildlife within the park. It is an absolutely beautiful park that you shouldn't miss if you have the chance to go. 

After our stay, we decided it was time to start heading back home. We drove through Colorado Springs and spent the night in a hotel in Hays, Kansas before making it back to my sister's house in Missouri. We spent the last night in Paducah, Kentucky. While it was cooler, the humidity factor made nights unbearable without air conditioning, so we stayed in a hotel. We made it home, safe & sound, that next evening. What a trip!!!

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